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Glendale University

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ALERT: No Refunds or Returns

General Information:
Email Address:
Founded in 2003
Phone Number: Not listed on Website

Degrees offered:
Associate Degree's, Bachelor Degree's, Master Degree's, Doctorate, and High School Diploma.

Also Know as:

Warning - Glendale University is also know as the following sites:
Ashwood University
Corllins University
Rochville University
Lorenz University
Hill University

Privacy and Security:
Glendale University does have a privacy statement listed on the home page of their website. For the protection of the consumer, we feel that all websites should have a privacy statement located on the home page of the website. The privacy statement informs the consumer about the data they collect from you and what they intend to do with the collected data. The big question is "How secure is your data?" Glendale University is not using secure application forms, nor are they using Verisign Validation. Glendale University received 2 out of 5 stars for Privacy and Security.

The following are fabricated accreditations listed on the Glendale University website. These agencies either do not exist or are made up by the same company that owns Glendale University.

Board of Online Universities Accreditation (BOUA)
World Online Education Accrediting Commission (WOEAC)

At a Glance from the Editor:
After reviewing Glendale University, it is clear to us that Glendale University, Speedy Degrees (Ashwood University) and Affordable Degrees (Rochville University) are most likely the same company or managed by the same company. The fact that all three of the schools are using the same unsecured application form did not help us think any differently.

Glendale University's website is very user friendly and is packed with information about their programs offered, but we did not have that college feel. We did not find any resources or information on their home page for Alumni, which we feel, is a big downfall.

We regret to state that we do not find them to be a very credible institution.

Editors Rating:

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