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Suffield University

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General Information:
Email Address:
Founded in 2002
Phone Number: 866-606-1609

Degrees offered:
Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees, Doctor of Education and Doctor of Ministry.

Privacy and Security:
Suffield University has their privacy statement listed on their home page, but does not have their application forms secure. We hope in the future that they will start using secure application forms for the privacy and security of their applicants. Suffield University received 3 out of 5 stars for Privacy and Security.

At a Glance from the Editor:
Suffield University's website is user-friendly and informative to prospective students. After reviewing their website more closely we found Redding University and Suffield University use the same style unsecured application form. This leads us to believe that they are either the same company or using the same web developer.

Redding University does offer Alumni services which is a big plus when deciding on an institution, but the questionable service and wondering if Suffield University and Redding University our the same entity does not yield much confidence in their credibility.

Editors Rating:

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